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let's talk about satellites instead HEO or LEO?

On 16 Apr 2005 at 1:47, K & R Yoksh wrote:

> Seriously, if it has nothing to do with the SIG, don't clutter up 
my inbox..
> I have 996 Amsat-bb messages to read as it is.

If it is so rediculous why did you bother to answer back? Only to 
added up to your 996 AMSAT-BB to read? or to do exactly what you 
condemned "taking bandwidth"

I never see so much contradiction here and double standards...Is it a 
sickness? There is a doctor in the hall?

I also read time to time ridiculous message but i refrain to let all 
know that i found it...ridiculous. This is called politeness! 

There is a huge difference between a ridiculous message and a stupid 
person. Rest assured i can make this difference here and thank's for 
your help in this matter. 

You still don't answer my questions? someone with no opinion is not 
automatically stupid but on the long run i don't know? Why should i 
bother for that you will tell me! It's because i have an opinion and 
if AMSAT-NA want to start to control what the membership should say 
or not it's censorships...

When we will see a readers comment section in the AMSAT journal?

I am positive here and i say never...hope i'm wrong flamer's cannot 
argue here...i'm not even sure!

Even worse than not being informed is to believe that you are

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Signature cencorship as per "new' field op's dictate
AMSAT 33583
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