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Re: More progress on P3e MODE-UV

Hi Domenico and all other AMSATs,

> I was looking at the above page and the transponder
> Mode-UV that 
> you are building for P3E is a nice job
> congratulations !

Thats why I am doing it, just because I like making
transponders for the world-wide ham community :o)
> I was looking as well at 
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/express/
> The dowlink transmitters table on this page reports
> only the frequency 
> for the GB for the EB and 145.837 MHz (V) for
> multimode low speed 
> According to the above table it seams that P3E will
> not use a Mode-UV
> linear transponder because the 2 meters downlink
> passband of it is not 
> indicated.
> Do you know why ?

I think it must be some mistake. 
Mode UV will be:
Uplink  : 436.050MHz to 436.150MHz
Downlink: 145.845MHz to 145.945MHz

The 2m downlink will also be switchable to an 29MHz
receiver. This uplink will be from 29.300MHz to
29.350MHz. This gives us the old Sputnik mode back.
Then the 70cm uplink can be connected to the 13cm
downlink. I don't have the actual freqs here...

These numbers are what I have and may be changed due
to technical reasons or other reasons. Just have some
patience and get the actual information when the
satellite is ready for launch :o)

I didn't put more pictures because the batteries of my
camera are death. I need to buy some new, but to much
work on the transponder hihi.
In the mean time I finished the whole thing, tested
it, and its now ready to be mount in the satellite
That about the latest info :o)

> Tank you for your answere and 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico

73 de PE1RAH
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