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Re: Linux Tracking Software

"Timothy A. Holmes (W8TAH)" <w8tah@zoominternet.net> wrote:

>Where would I find these RPM's of the different programs -- Right now I 
>cant get Hamlibs to compile and install, so an RPM of that would be real 
>helpful too

What's the problem? There is a lot of Linux expertise
on this list. The system I'm typing this one runs Slackware 10
with kernel 2.6.9 (built from source, of course).

All my x86 systems run Slackware, while my lone SPARC
system (a Sun Ultra 5 I bought on EBay) runs Debian.

The whole point of open-source software, by the way,
is that if you don't like how it works, or if the original
author has ceased to develop it, you are at liberty to
fix it yourself, or develop it yourself. Nobody is going
to do it for you. This is why the software is free.

Case in point: the system I'm typing this on has kernel 2.6.9
with the infamous Philips webcam driver, which I use to talk
to a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000. The author of the driver
pulled it from the kernel last year after a major policy
disagreement with the kernel maintainers. Somebody took
the driver over and has done a new version, while I've
back-ported the last original version to a newer kernel.
It works fine.

Tracking software? I use predict. It too works fine.

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