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Re: Linux Tracking Software

Quoting "Timothy A. Holmes (W8TAH)" <w8tah@zoominternet.net>:

> Good Morning Everyone:
> I am looking for some good tracking software for Linux.  I have the 
> predict package installed, and it runs great, but the GSAT client 
> (graphical) is giving me fits.  I may have a solution, but I am not 
> sure, and would like to have a backup plan in place.  I am either 
> looking  for a graphical client that can receive data from Predict or 
> another complete package
> Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

gpredict is a gnome-based graphical tracker. It has a nice map view, but
there are several modules, including radio control and doppler, that are

Ktrack is KDE-based, has a pleasing map view, and does talk to radios
through the hamlib library. It will do doppler shift, but, as far as I can
tell, doesn't allow you to set the frequency manually at the keyboard. It
needs the transmitter frequency to work things out. This makes it less
useful for listening to beacons and less useful to me than something like
ham radio deluxe. One last hassle I've had with this program is that it's
UTC is off by an hour now that we've gone into DST. None of my other
programmes on this FC-3 machine are; perhaps its a KDE thing.

Both programs have rpm files that lag behind the development a bit.


VE9QRP Bruce
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