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Re: AO7

Quoting Fabio Roccatagliata <roccaf@gmail.com>:

> Hi Pedro,
> Mode B Uplink 432.125 to 432.175 MHz CW/LSB 
> Mode B 145.975 to 145.925 MHz CW/USB (inverting) 
> Mode A Uplink 145.850 to 145.950 MHz CW/USB 
> Mode A Downlink 29.40 - 29.50 MHz CW/USB (non-inverting) 
> AO7 is usually mode B.
> It is not usuable in eclipse and may not be able to supply enough
> power to the transmitter to keep from frequency modulating the signal.

Fabio and all:

The sunlight issue comes into play with AO-27, too, when it is operative. I
wonder if anyone knows of a sat. tracking program that can take this into
account:that is, one which will not predict a satellite as visible if it is
in eclipse. 

Similarly, are there any tracking programs that will let one predict passes
of a given satellite that are visible to two specified ground stations?

73, VE9QRP

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