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Re: Recommendation for (Yaesu) repair service

Hi, Group
For anyone's who's been following this thread and offered their suggestions and advice for my Yaesu interference problem, I have more clues to offer back: The "leakage" seems to be centered on the BNC antenna jack on the front panel of each rig.  I took a borrowed MFJ 259 antenna analyzer, set it to the IF in question, 13.9885MHz or so, connected a 20M Maldol whip to the output jack, turned on the rigs (one at a time, swapping the battery case out because I only have one) and waved the analyzer around the Yaesu cabinets while listening.  The received signal is considerably stronger on the 2M FT-290RII Yaesu than on the 70cm Yaesu - FT-790RII, but that's just my empirical opinion.  The signals peak up when I get the 20M whip in close proximity to the front-mounted BNCs on either radio, whether a dummy load is connected or not.
However, when I attach the 20M whip to the frequency counter input and connect dummy load to the BNC on the -290RII and then test transmit, I see no evidence of either the 2M output or the 13.9885MHz IF leaking.
Is it possible that there are two issues going on here?  One, that there is a problem with the BNCs' connections within the rigs, as well as IF problems?
Thank you all very much for your inputs -- two (or many, many more, FTM) heads are better than one!
73, Ray KA8SYX
Big Pine Key, FL EL94
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