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Fodtrack readout

Hi Amsats,

I've constructed a FODTRACK that works well, but I
noticed that: the "starting point" (or terminating) of bearing-rotator is
straight to SOUTH (180), probably that is the program's default.
Is it possible to change that by 180, in order
to terminate the rotor in the opposite direction? (terminate to NORTH).

I wondering, because if you have a Digital readout(DVM) into the Shack,
the problem with SOUTH "starting-point" is unsolved till now for me.
For example,if the reference voltage is 0 V on DVM, the antenna looking
to SOUTH (180).
If the ref.voltage is 0.180 V, the antenna looking to NORTH (360) !
If the ref.voltage is 0.359 V, the antenna looking to 179 SOUTH !
Exactly the opposite that the DIGITAL readout needs.

(In contrast, if the starting point is straight to NORTH, the "bearing"
is equal to DVM indication, ie 0V=0, 0.90V=90, 0.180V=180 etc).

Any suggestion is welcome.


John Smith
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