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Hi All

I was quiet for sometime though certian questions were asked about the
upcoming launch of HAMSAT ( VUSAT ) scheduled for first week of May 2005.
As I wanted all relevant info from ISRO before posting on any group.

Amsat India members were invited for the User Meet on 9 April 2005 organised
by ISRO.

The meet was presided by the top management of  ISRO,   Chairman Mr Madhavan
Nair,  Director Mr Goel, Program Director Mr Thygarajan, Project Director Mr
J P Gupta , alongwith most Divn heads with respective scientists and hams of
ISRO were present.

Initial planned orbit parameters are:-
Orbit height 622Km agl, or 7000Km from earth centre.
Period 97.5 mins;
Inclination 97.89 degs.
Ref orbit, time and latitude of equator crossing on ascending node of ref
orbit will be intimated after the launch tacking and thr orbit is
Uplink freq 435.25MHz; down link 145.90 MHz. Bcn freq 145.86Mhz and aux bcn
145.94MHz.Use CW,USB,FM avoid power>100w erp.
AMSAT INDIA will keep you  the updated of orbit data after the launch once a
week or as and when major changes are effected.

About 20 of ham sat user community here attended the meet which was very
interesting, interactive and got to visit the clean room to have a good look
at the Sat just before being packed to the launch site.

VU2UV Air Cmde Subramaniam,  President of Amsat India presided on behalf the
Sat users ( himself being a very old timer since the early OSCAR
operations )
A power point present highlighted the Sat users from early Oscar days till
the present day Sat commuincations.
ISRO wished to see the complete ham built transponder for the future series
of HAMSAT,  from where we left last time and for which work is in progress
by Amsat India regd.

Another User meet is scheduled for May 2005 and those having any inputs for
the same, maybe sent to VU2RMS, VU2POP, VU2UV, VU2WMY.

Wishing HAMSAT all the success and hoping to work a lot of DX.
Best 73
Secretary  AMSAT INDIA regd.
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