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Re: Counter program

James Murray wrote:
> looking for stand alone program that works like a egg timer.  want to use it
> on extra computer to count down time till satellite is in range, and send
> some alert tones i can hear when not in radio room.

I found that I needed to be able to know when passes were coming up 
while I was outside doing yard work.  What I ended up doing was to set 
Nova for Windows (what I used for antenna tracking) to move the antennas 
2 minutes in advance of the next pass.  I would then manually point the 
antennas straight up.  Then while working outside I could simply look at 
the antennas and if they were pointing straight up, I knew the pass was 
not here yet.  Normally I could hear the rotors moving, but even if I 
missed that, a quick look would tell me.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  818-548-4804
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395
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