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Recommendations for repair services?

Hi, can anyone recommend a quality rig repair service?  After much testing and troubleshooting, I believe the problems I was and continue to experience with my FT-290R MkII and FT-790R MkII, about which I wrote to the BB earlier, are being caused by leakage of RF at the shared IF of the rigs, 13.9885MHz.  This frequency is the first IF of the -290 and the second IF of the -790.  The interference is more pronounced when I try to operate voice on AO-7 (impossible as things stand,) Mode U/V, but is evident when I try to operate on FO-29 Mode V/U (not so bad, but it's there.)  While testing with no birds in view, there appears to be no difference in quality of the interference between emission modes (USB tx/LSB rx, LSB tx/USB rx, LSB both tx & rx, USB both tx & rx) and it also is unaffected by using dummy loads with either or both rigs.  To a lesser or greater degree, depending on what mode I'm trying to work, I can hear myself in the downlink receiver, with very little distorti!
 on; adjusting the VFO of either rig has no effect whatsoever.
I'm stumped, repair is certainly beyond my expertise.  Recommendations on who's good, relatively quick and won't take me to the cleaners?
BTW, Jacques at Groton Electronics, Boca Raton, FL, who has a running ad in the classifieds of WorldRadio Magazine recently retired from the business of radio equipment repair.  I just concluded a correspondence with him; he says it will take a couple of months for the ad to run its course.
73, All, and thanks! -- Ray, KA8SYX Big Pine Key, FL EL94hr
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