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Re: School Demo on AO-51

Quoting Pughkeithd@cs.com:

> I plan to demonstrate Amateur Satellite Communications to school kids in
> the 
> "Little Apple" (Manhattan, KS) during a pass starting at 1629 UTC on
> Friday, 8 
> April 2005.  Any help will be appreciated.

I'd love to help, but I'm taking my son to playschool at that time (and I
think *that* group might be a bit too young :-).

As my children grow up (I have a 9 year old, too), I think amsat operations
would be wonderful to demonstrate to classes. I hope you will put a brief
description of your experience on amsat-bb to inspire others to do the
same. Indeed, my first thought was that I might be able to offer you a
class-to-class link, which would be even more fun for the students, I
think. It might be something to plan for in the future: a series of
communications between classrooms.

On this same topic, I've been thinking about how to do the audio for
demonstrations of duplex satellite operations. I suppose the easiest way is
omit the duplex mode, turn the receive audio up high and pass around a

73, VE9QRP
Bruce Robertson, 
Dept. of Classics, Mount Allison University
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