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SSETI Express testing

Anyone following the construction of SSETI Exprees via the cleanroom webcam  
will have noticed the satellite has been 'missing' from the picture for the 
last  couple of days.
During the last week, the completed modules have been fitted to the  
spaceframe and the wiring harness and integration completed. The satellite was  moved 
on Wednesday to an anechoic chamber for EMC testing to ensure that the  
emissions from the satellites electronics, the 3W UHF transmitter and the S Band  TX 
meet the spectral requirements of the launch agency and SSTL.
Several new pictures showing the rapid progress over the last 2 weeks have  
been uploaded to the SSETI Website. These include detailed shots of the S Band  
unit now wired to the antennas, cold gas propulsion and some taken inside the 
 anechoic chamber.
David  G0MRF
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