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My cheap QSL cards

To all members that have made contact with KA9UCE on AO-51, please accept my 
humblest apologies for sending these paper QSL cards to you.

I had no other alternative at this time, so this was the best I could do on short notice, but I will get 'real' cards printed as soon as I am able to.

I wish to thank everybody for a great showing on AO-51, but I still miss UO-14.
After almost a 3 year hiatus, I am back on the birds, and I am enjoying it even more so.
My girlfriend is also studying for her ticket and has been along when I am on AO-51, and now she has been bitten by the hamsat bug, so much so, that she has her very own Alinco DJ-580 arriving shortly.

She is coming up from having no experience whatsoever, to knowing the lingo, and recognizing electronic symbols as well as identifying components  laid out in front of her.
I can't wait for the day she gets her ticket, she'll have earned it.....the hard way.
Since she has cerebral palsy, she can't do everything most of us can, and she also has arthritis in her hands, so it will be difficult at times for her to hold onto the radio, but we'll adapt and overcome this as well.

Thank you to all I have talked with on the birds, past and present!

And a HELLO goes out to Leo, W7JPI, and also John, K6YK doing the 4-land thing(he does get around, doesn't he?)HI HI.

Things in the works:
1. Arrow antenna, or clone
2. Design a GaAs FET preamp
3. More radios!
4. more antennas and feedline!

Thank you all for a wonderful time on AO-51 and soon, SO-50.


Ernest A. Erickson, ka9uce, EN55
3960 Moen Lake Road
Rhienlander, WI. 54501

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