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Solar Eclipse on 8 April 2005

For those of you that look at telemetry from our satellites,
you might get a kick out of looking for evidence of this
solar eclipse on Friday.  It is only visible in the south
pacific, but probably during the period of the eclipse, we
might have a satellite or two go through the darkness.
This should show up on whole-orbit telemetry...  We saw
this on PCsat once...

>>> "James Huddle" <huddle@usna.edu> 4/6/05 1:16:25 PM >>>
     On Friday, 8 April 2005, the Moon will pass directly between the
Earth and Sun, causing a solar eclipse.  

     This eclipse is especially interesting because it is of the rare
annular-total variety:  It starts out as an annular eclipse, goes
for a short time, and then reverts back to annular.  The maximum
duration of totality is about only 42 seconds because the Moon and the
Sun will have angular diameters, as seen from earth, that are almost
exactly equal.  During the short total phase, the Sun will play
through the valleys between mountains on the Moon's limb, giving this
eclipse a very "sparkly" appearance.  Unfortunately, this spectacular
show will be seen live only from a few square miles near Pitcairn
in the South Pacific Ocean.  For those aboard ship in that region, it
will truly be "Some Enchanted Evening."  

     Fortunately for those of us who are land-bound, a number of
well-known eclipse observers are now at sea and will be in the zone of
totality when the eclipse occurs.  Some will do live or near-live
webcasts of the event, patching into the internet via satellite
telephony.  Some others are planning webcasts of the annular portion
the eclipse from Panama.  Please find below a list of some planned
webcasts.  Maximum eclipse will occur at 20:36 Universal Time (16:36
EDT), but you might want to start monitoring the various web sites an
hour or more before that.  

     Please feel free to forward this list to any and all interested

Jim Huddle
Associate Professor
Physics Department
U. S. Naval Academy

Live and near-live Eclipse Webcasts of the 8 April 2005 Annular-Total
Solar Eclipse

(Live! Eclipse 2005, MS Galapagos Legend, live)

(Eclipselive.com, Panama, live)

(University of North Dakota, Panama, live)

(Hamid Djodeiri Khodashenas, MS Galapagos Legend, live)

(Universidad de Sonora, Mexico, live)

(Alexander Birkner, MS Discovery, near live, in German)

(Dirk Ewers, MS Discovery, near live, in German)

(Olivier Staiger, MS Galapagos Legend, near live)

(Olivier Staiger, MS Galapagos legend, near live)

(Fred Bruenjes, MS Galapagos Legend, near live)

(Grupo Saros, MS Galapagos Legend, near live)

(Grupo Saros, Panama, near live)

(Thomas Goodey, Panama, near live)
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