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Re: PCSat2 PSK 31 operation

>>> <ka5sma@bellsouth.net> 4/6/05 2:04:09 AM >>>
>Have you published the uplink freq on 10 meters for the 
>PCSAT2 PSK 31 operation??

The receiver should zero beat at 29.400 MHz so uplink
stations woiuld be between about 29.4004 and 29.4040
depending on Doppler.  Downlink will have no Doppler
because its a single FM signal that anyone can receive
with a UHF FM rig stright to their sound card.

This PSK-31 experiment will not be full time.  But only 
turned on when battery, temperature and no-conflict
with ARISS operations occurs.


de Wb4APR, Bob
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