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Icom 910H 2m RX problem

 I've used my Icom 910H for Sat Ops for several years and never had a 
problem. I haven't used the 2m RX in quite awhile, but the other day tried 
to use it for a 2m IF for RX on 2.4 gig. I powered up the d/c and didn't 
hear any sig boost, thinking the d/c was toast, or there was no 12vdc to 
power it. I went to the sat antennas and measured the voltage and found 
there was +12.5 v at the tower. I then tried another d/c and still no joy. I 
took the d/c into the shack and hooked it up to my 847 and had sig.
 So to make a longer story short it appears that my 910 has become deaf on 
2m only. Local repeaters that were +60 over are now S-4. My question is has 
anyone had the same problem? If so what part's in the 910's front end had to 
be replaced? I figured I would ask before sending in to Icom. I could 
replace the parts myself, as I also have access to a service monitor. To 
keep the reply bandwidth down, I have done the following....

1. The ATT is off.
2. RF setting is  100%.
3. The antenna is hooked up, appears good, works fine on another rig.
4. The 440 RX appears fine.

Thanks in advance for any info...

73 Jeff kb2m 
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