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Unused resource.......AO-07

I have been scouting AO-07 for the last couple of days and find that is
doing VERY well during IT'S daylight hours...except for one problem....very
few people actually use it....

All this crying about FM sats being "too" easy but few are willing to step
up and use the linear birds we have....

There is very little "guesswork" or difficulty finding which mode AO-07
comes up in....both the 10 meter down mode and the 2 meter down mode have CW
ID's which almost preclude the usable portion of the pass. Each of which can
last up to 20 minutes. Just listen to the 2 beacon frequencies and choose
your mode when you hear the beacon come up.

It seems you need a little "scroat" (as we call it in New England) to get
into the 432 input, 15 watts to an omni doesn't seem to do it for me....but
there are CQ's going unanswered...which is always a shame....

I'd be happy to hear what others consider a "minimum" "beginners" setup for
the two linear LEOS would be....maybe we can move some people over....me, I
have to increase the wire gauge on the 12v supply side of my IC-502 and
maybe put up one of Bob Bruninga's 10° beams.

Bst DX

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