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Rebuilding KLM-14C Polarity Switcher

I am trying to help a friend rebuild the polarity switch from a KLM-14C 
2meter antenna. The pcb and the relay must be replaced.

I guess it is my advancing senility (hi). I was sure I had one in my junk 
box but a two day search has not found it. I have a vague memory of selling 
it in the past year or two to someone on amsat-bb. If that rings a bell 
with you and you did not end up using it – how many things have I bought 
for an ‘immediate use’ that were never used – please contact me and I will 
be happy to buy it back.

Barring that, does anyone else have one that they would be willing to sell? 
The pcb is the important part.

Third, a local ham thought he recalled talking to someone who had designed 
a replacement pcb and using a different relay from the original. Does 
anyone recall this?

Thanks, ron w8gus.
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