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Re: Anusat?

This notice and .pdf file indeed gets more confusing by the
minute!  If we make the assumption that "hamradio" is a term
not necessarily related to ham bands but just "ham" operators
then some of the words make sense.  It is indeed far larger
than any one Kilogram CUBESAT at 43 Kilograms.  We wish we
had the luxury of that much space and weight!  Telecommand
frequency is given at 149.2 MHz and Telemetry given as
137.4 MHz, both governmental and weather related usage.
The block diagram indicates a VHF transmit and receive while
UHF has a transmitter of unknown frequency along with a GPS
position finding receiver.  Certainly ham radio people have
been engaged but it will require far information to know if
international AMATEUR RADIO is involved.   Cliff K7RR


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