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GO-32 team answers to Gould Smith

hello Gould,

here are the answers :
1) yes, we intend to turn on the telemetry files (STxxxx) back , I can't tell you , when .
    somehow, we thought that amateurs are not interesting in them , and we put low priority
    to deal with the problem we have with this function , but anyway , we shall need it for out 
    needs in the near future , so it will be handled .
2)  photos were sent to Gould  .
3) the meaning of 2Users/8 Broadcast is that maximum 2 users can Upload files and 8 users 
    can download files or directory simultaneously,  service will not be supplied if more users 
    can ask for it . the reason is pretty low CPU computation power and resources.
4) actually, the 1269 receiver is working all along, but there is need pretty good ground station 
    to work with , ground station with 100 Watt LBand transmission power and very accurate 
    antenna's tracking .
5) see answer 3 . 

yours, roni .

At 22:30 24/03/2005, you wrote:

Hello Roni,

Thank you for the reply.

Many of us are enjoying the GO-32 BB.  The satellite is working well and has a strong downlink signal.  Thank you and your group for providing us this resource.

My questions:
1) Do you plan to turn the telemetry files (STxxxx) back on?

2) Can you send me a digital photo of your satellite to include in my book?

3) On the timestamp message
UTC: Mon Mar 07  15:25:24 2005 |  Gurwin Techsat1B  (V9.86)
BBS is active again in trial version !!!
2 Users/8 Broadcasts , Uplink freq:145.890,145.850,145.930,   1269.800, 1269.900

Please explain what  '2 Users/8 Broadcasts ' means.  I haven't seen anyone connected and this message is sent.

4) Do you plan to activate the 1269 receivers?

5) How many users can be connected?

Thank you very much for your time.

Know that the amateur satellite community enjoys the use of your digital satellite. I was very impressed with all the experiments you conducted with GO-32 and the interesting results.  Your satellite was well engineered and thought out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Director Field Operations AMSAT-NA

roni waller, 4Z7DFC
Techsat1b's ASRI administration
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