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RE: Parts Sources

David Carr <dc@dcarr.org> wrote:

>I'm looking for some parts to put together a preamp.   I've had no luck so 
>far looking for a source for the FHX35LG GaasFet, any recommendations?  
>Also, are there any good (cheap) sources for piston trimmers, feedthrough 
>caps or pretinned boxes?

Where did you look? The very first hit in Google for
"fujitsu gaas fet" is a distributor who them in stock.
If you ask nicely perhaps you can score a sample.
I've often been offered samples when I smiled sweetly
and asked about onesies and twosies availability.
It's less paperwork for them.

Find out what their MOQ is and do a group buy. There
is no quicker route to instant popularity than to have
some desirable components to dispose of. :-)

Barend Hendriksen will sell you as many as you want for
(euros) 14.75 each. There are bound to be others, but
two sources for 30 seconds work isn't a bad start.

Define "cheap". Piston trimmers and such are specialized
devices with specialized price tags.

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