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G-5500 rotor motor woes

About 3 weeks ago my azimuth rotor motor bit the dust. The rotor turned left fine, but not right. I tore into the unit and found the windings on the motor to show 4 ohms in one direction, and only 1.5 in the other. Yaesu wanted about $90 and shipping  for a replacement, but I found a G-450 locally for about the same money. After swapping the motors (identical) and reassembling it seems to work fine, but I can find no reason for the failure.

Anyone been down this road before and have some hints? I'd rather not repeat this procedure in a few weeks. I also expect longer service from a 3 yr old rotor that cost almost $600. The inside was dry, and well greased. I don't think it's overloaded either, with a M2 436cp30, Cushcraft 10x10 2m, and 3ft S band dish near the center, all well balanced.

73, Drew KO4MA

PS Anyone got a spare motor for my 450? Or need a 450 control box and parts? ;-)
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