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Verifying AZ/EL positioner accuracy.

Hello KO6TH and the Net:

For a quick verification of my az/el positioner accuracy I have it track 
the sun.
Then go outside and see if the booms are aligned with the sun in AZ and EL.
The shadow will also be at "minimum".

If accurate,  "alles OK".

If not accurate, I note the correction in AZ and EL to be right on the sun,
and use the correction factors in the tracking software.

If your 2.4 GHz system is sensitive enough, use sun noise to find the sun
then compare your actual AZ/EL position to the software prediction.

If you can acquire the satellite, try varying the az/el position to see 
if all antennas are
pointing to the satellite. Compare the actual best signal az/el accuracy 
to the predicted

Stan, WA1ECF

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