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AO-51 mode VS update

Hi folks,

So, is it the antenna aiming or does AO-51 have "squint"?

This last pass (05:00z) was the best yet.  Really strong signals, peaking at 
S6 on my deaf R7000 IF receiver.  Still having QSB, but never really lost 
the signal totally.  Copied the bird all the way down to 1 degree elevation.

I expect I had the antennas aimed a little better this time, but not that 
much better.  Does AO-51 have a preferred direction for the S-band downlink? 
  Any way to predict which passes will be best, or is the bird still 
tumbling too much?

Had a nice conversation with WA6DNR, almost like we were talking on the 
local repeater.

Greg  KO6TH
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