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Replacing receiver filters for 38k4 reception

I have an FM receiver kit that I'd like to
modify for 38k4 reception from Echo. I need
to make the bandwidth of the receiver wider
in order to pass the 38k4 signal to the modem.
According to the handy G3RUH reference at


I need about 60 kHz bandwidth at the IF to
pass a 38k4 signal.

The first filter in the receiver is just a 
single crystal, which I think I can leave in 
the circuit as is.

The second filter (FL2) in the receiver is,
I think, a CFW455E, which has a bandwidth of 
about 15 kHz. This is too narrow for 38k4.

Since this is a "no budget" ham radio project,
can I get something that works if I replace the 
CFW455E filter with 0.001 uF capacitors? I'm 
not exactly sure how to do this since the 
filter has *three* pins.

Suggestions? Has anyone already done this?

Douglas KA2UPW
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