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More on full-duplex HT's - Alinco DJ-G5T

As I pointed out earlier, the DJ-G5T offers full-duplex operation with the 
disadvantage of not being able to easily tune the receive frequency for 
doppler, because you must switch bands to tune....

I discovered today that it offers a half-duplex split mode which will allow 
you to tune your downlink without switching bands (but not while actually 
transmitting), however, you cannot hear the downlink while transmitting.

To enter this mode, select either the right or left band, and enter VFO mode 
by pressing the appropriate band key.  If you choose VFO "A" for downlink, 
then press the function button and the band key to set VFO "A" to UHF, then 
press the band key to select VFO "B", and if necessary, press the function 
key and band key to set VFO "B" to VHF.  Dial up the uplink frequency on VFO 
"B", switch to VFO "A" and set the downlink frequency.  Program any 
necessary tone ON THE DOWNLINK band (I know it sounds strange, but that's 
where the HT gets its settings from in split mode...), then press function 
and the SHIFT key until +- appears in the display.  Now you can listen (and 
tune) on VFO "A", and the radio will automatically switch to VFO "B" when 
you transmit.

So, you can have full-duplex and a lot of button-pushing to tune for 
doppler, or half-duplex and easy tuning......  six of one, half-dozen of the 

George, KA3HSW
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