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Re: In-Kind Services

At 05:03 PM 3/24/2005, Luc Leblanc VE2DWE wrote:
> > that grown-ups in positions of responsibility
> > prepare official and acceptable financial statements as required by
>the law and good accounting practices.
>Did you mean before 2003 all the AMSAT financial statements are not
>reliable?  They where even audited? and they where also  "acceptable
>financial statements as required by the law and good accounting
>practices." Your " in positions" of the past are our actual "grown-
>ups in positions" If i follow your reasoning blind trust is
>irrelevant here or you are contradiction yourself!

Luc: you are a complete idiot.
I for one have had enough of you and I am going to formally petition the 
BoD to have you removed as the coordinator of anything.
Go get a life. You are a troll.

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