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Re: The rythme of the beat!

Thanks Cliff for your most "intelligent" comments!!!  I have
extended myself toward having a fairly good satellite setup,
worked a lot of good DX in the past on birds like Oscar-13,
mode-B, mode-J, mode-L, and CW.  My attention to detail
using good CP high-gain antennas and low-loss heliax transmission
lines has served me well.

I am a little amazed sometimes when I hear new ops--who have
somehow made an ISS packet contact on an old bent corroded
Ringo attached to the backyard fence, can consider themselves
at the "all-time peak" in their satellite experience.  Who knows,
perhaps they actually are--- in a humorous vein.  But there's
always something new and exciting to learn, that will inherently
keep Amateur Radio fresh and alive for those who work at it.

Enjoy Ham Radio!

Charlie Schlieper, N5TD
Temple, Tx

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> Bob makes a specific point of how far things can be "dumbed down" which
> can easily be extended to both technical and operating issues.  There is
> no way little VHF/UHF handheld antennas and QRP FM "beginners" rig will 
> ever
> accomplish extended QSO's nor allow future 24 hour 7 day operation. 
> Likewise,
> stagnant operating ability commits one to the "beginners" category, 
> always!!
> Sorry, but that just is the way it is and has been for some time.   Cliff 
> K7RR
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