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Re: The rythme of the beat!

On 25 Mar 2005 at 11:27, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> >>> "Luc Leblanc VE2DWE" <luclebla@sorel-tracy.qc.ca> 3/25/05 10:33:42
> AM >>>
> >My only questioning and my suggestion is to find a way 
> >to simplify for the ordinary guy on the street the reading 
> >of the financial statements...
> Somethings can only be dummed-down so far...

Exactly as i wrote...I'm always astonish how far simple things can go 
here on this BB? In the confusion peoples became mixed up is this a 
part of the problem? someone should readjust to zero in...

> >This way the guy on the street can easily and quickly 
> >get an overview of the finances.
> Sometimes things cannot be oversimplified or all the
> value of the data is lost.     For example the weather..
> We can dumb-down a description of the wwather to 
> the average temeprature over a year.  Hummh..
> a nice 55 degrees F.  Not bad.  But this misses the
> peaks of 104F and the cold of -10F and the storms
> and the dryness and the ice and the floods and so
> forth...
> >... a matter to summarize for the casual reader the 
> >financial key figures without mixing in kind services, 
> >depreciation  on assets and so on....
> Analyzing the financial health of an entity is not something
> that a "casual reading" should be expected to give.  Its
> that kind of dumbing down of everything that causes the
> real value of the data to be lost.

Right on BOB you got the rythme of the beat!  i wrote "by reporting 
it the old way or by adding a summary of 
expenses vs revenues elsewhere probably in the annual report."

That's where this thread start.  Again "by reporting it the old 
way..." not to in anyway doing this in loosing data but in making 
them readable lets say the old fashion way...
Not meaning anyone is old here...just in case and to avoid any  
misunderstandings :)

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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