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net etiquette


After watching some of the traffic on here it has become apparent that a
few of us could stand reading (or re-reading) RFC1855. It is rather larger
than should be posted here, so I will just leave one URL to one copy.


It will be very easy to find if the URL above does not work.

Please read it, it is still as pertinent today as it was in 1995. Remember
the human you are "talking" to is not in the same room and the normal
feedback we get is missing. I bet a lot of you would be surprised to see
what a difference this makes when you finally meet someone at a symposium.

"Sit" on any reply you might wish to make to a post for about a day.
If you still find it necessary to send, you will find that will be removing
a lot of the inflammatory text.

Ignore the inflammatory text (ad hominems) in a post, only reply to the
factual portions.

Don't mention any one person specifically in a post. Keep it general if
you can. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Don't pick on any one

- 73 (and I mean it, it's only a hobby right?) Diane VA3DB
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