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Re: Ao51 V/S

Perry Yantis said:
> I have a TS-2000x and I use a method that was mentioned on the bb here.
> On AO51 v/s mode I go up on 2 meters and on receive I use the SSB grid
> type antenna into the S down converter which outputs on 2m.
> Then in the house I take that 2m sig cable and run it into a 2m-10m down
> converter which then goes into the RCA jack in the back of the rig. This
> is a receive only port.
> Then to use it I go to the menu and change menu 18 (rec dedicated
> antenna) to on.
> In my case I set it on menu B(for satellites) and off in menu A.
> This works just fine and I do not have to risk sending a 2m sig up the
> coax and burn out the down converter.

If you should happen to have a Drake downconverter, here's the link to the
430 MHz conversion:


Mike W4LNA
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