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Re: Mode L uplink antennas

Keith Bainbridge said:
> I am having great difficulty finding details to make a 1269 mhz yagi
> etc. All the info I can find on the net relates to 1296 mhz, I scaled
> one of  Kent's 10 ele " Cheap " yagis to 1269 but the swr / bandwidth is
> extremely small ( ie 60 khz ) so I guess I'm doing something wrong here.
> Has anyone any designs available for this freq, or can you point me in
> the right direction maybe ??
> I dont mind if its a yagi, a quagi or what ever, but I dont want to
> build yet another helical. My success rate with helicals is 7 made, 2
> actually worked, and thats from 2mtrs to 10 ghz!!
> And it was the 5ghz one that was the best !
> I would buy a Tonna  but they are so expensive to ship to Australia. Any
> leads would be appreciated, there is a gap on the rotator just  waiting
> for another antenna !!

How about this:


Mike W4LNA
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