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Re: The rythme of the beat!

>>> "Luc Leblanc VE2DWE" <luclebla@sorel-tracy.qc.ca> 3/25/05 10:33:42
AM >>>
>My only questioning and my suggestion is to find a way 
>to simplify for the ordinary guy on the street the reading 
>of the financial statements...

Somethings can only be dummed-down so far...

>This way the guy on the street can easily and quickly 
>get an overview of the finances.

Sometimes things cannot be oversimplified or all the
value of the data is lost.     For example the weather..
We can dumb-down a description of the wwather to 
the average temeprature over a year.  Hummh..
a nice 55 degrees F.  Not bad.  But this misses the
peaks of 104F and the cold of -10F and the storms
and the dryness and the ice and the floods and so

>... a matter to summarize for the casual reader the 
>financial key figures without mixing in kind services, 
>depreciation  on assets and so on....

Analyzing the financial health of an entity is not something
that a "casual reading" should be expected to give.  Its
that kind of dumbing down of everything that causes the
real value of the data to be lost.

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