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CelesTrak available for KEPS for at least another year to 24 Mar 2006

See update #14 at the bottom of this URL

Quoting from that source:

Update #14 (2005 March 25): On 2005 March 24, CelesTrak received the
following message from Air Force Space Command authorizing redistribution of
Space Track data:

Your request to redistribute CFE Pilot Program data/analysis (TLEs and Space
Situation Report (SSR) data) obtained from the Space-Track web site
(http://www.space-track.org) via the CeleTrak web site
(http://celestrak.com/) has been approved on 24 Mar 2005 in accordance with
Air Force Space Command Commander's authority dated 8 November 2004.

This approval is valid for one year or until application of the formal
redistribution process is implemented and this redistribution request is
addressed in accordance with that process, whichever occurs first. If valid
for one year, please revalidate this request on an annual basis and submit a
new USSTRATCOM Form 1 (with appendices) no later than 2 weeks before the
anniversary date of this approval (24 Mar 2006).

If you rely on CelesTrak for your data, you should be able to continue
getting your data in the same manner you have been in the past. This
approval should considerably ease the pressure to migrate your existing
processes and allow you to do this in a more orderly way. However, since
this process is only for an interim period, all users are strongly
encouraged to apply for a Space Track account as soon as possible and to
continue working to migrate your current processes to use the new Space
site. - TS

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