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The rythme of the beat!

On 24 Mar 2005 at 21:59, wa6fwf wrote:

I think you start to get the rythme of the beat.
> I am not an accountant -but-  what I see is Amsat  brought in 
> and spent 230,380  which means it was a gain of 61,382

Here what i wrote on march 24 2005 

Thank's Gunther

I do some reverse calculus from page 3 on 2003 financial report base 
on what you said above.

I take out all the functional expenses and i got 346859$ exactly the 
total on page 11. i do the same for the revenue section lets called 
it "functional revenue" and i got 408336$ subtracting on by the 
other i got a gain of 61477$ and it seems to be very close from the 
statements of cash flow figures on page 4.

Bottom line am i correct if i say the 61477$ is not too far away from 
the truth?

My only questioning and my suggestion is to find a way to simplify 
for the ordinary guy on the street the reading of the financial 
statements,  by reporting it the old way or by adding a summary of 
expenses vs revenues elsewhere probably in the annual report.

This way the guy on the street can easily and quickly got an overview 
of the finances.

It is a simple suggestion and there is no bad intent behind this 
again just a simple suggestion. I'm always astonish how far simple 
things can go here on this BB? It is only a BB problem or a part of a 
more complex problem?

As you see i already approximate what you and me saw on the various 
documents its only a matter to summarized for the casual reader the 
financial key figures without mixing in kind services, depreciation 
on assets and so on. Just to remind you my challenge was for the 
audited financial statement only.

> So Luc there you have it... are you happy now?  I would bet a 
dollar to a donut that
> you will not be happy  and will find something new to complain 

It's not a mater to be happy or not but a matter of understanding as 
for the membership figures put as i said the EXACT number of members 
instead of guessing about from the membership revenue eg: For year 
2000 AMSAT members 4000 for year 2001 45000 members and so on.

Again it is a suggestion no need to panic and nothing to get mad 

Save your dollar and don't eat too much donut you can became 
overweight as me and no young girl will ever run after you. See my 
pictures 27 years ago before i start to eat junk food on 

P.S. to BOD officers no need to reply the case is close without your 
intervention. Lest say problems have been solved by the base and at 
the base.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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