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Re: In-Kind Services

On Thursday 24 March 2005 20:08, Luc Leblanc VE2DWE wrote:

I am not an account nor am I a fan of IRS documents but lets see  what 10 mins 
of looking might turn up...
> Did anyone gets the exact membership evolution on the past 10 years? 
> Hoe many AMSAT members in 2002? 2003? 2004?

well the approx dues in 1998 were 117k 1999 107k 2000 123k 2001 108k 2002 106k 2003 103k
so I guess you can figure out for yourself  what the membership trends are...

hmm I wonder what got launched in 2000?? :-)  

these numbers are from a quick look at the financials posted on the Amsat website


page  11 

the 2003 number is from page 1 line 3

> Kevin also wrote "All your doing now is hurting your cause if you 
> even have one..." Unbeleivable i asked one simple question from the 
> beginning here it is again:
> "Remain only one simple question what is the deficit or the gain from 
> the AMSAT revenue expenses sheet for 2003? I will do the reverse 
> maths by myself?"

I am not an accountant -but-  what I see is Amsat  brought in 291,762
and spent 230,380  which means it was a gain of 61,382

> I challenge anyone to show me on the 2003 AMSAT financial statement 
> where the operating loss or gain is written (the exact number) if you 
> want an end to this thread SHOW ME WHERE IT IS WRITTEN or shut it 
> tight. All we got its great accounting principles (accountants 
> excuses) WASH accounting transactions! but where are the right 
> figures? hidden?, buried?, vanished in thin air?


page 1

total revenue line 12

total expense line 17

excess or (deficit)  line 18

So Luc there you have it... are you happy now?  I would bet a dollar to a donut that
you will not be happy  and will find something new to complain about....

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