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catch the HEO fever, donate.

This is not a point to bash the LEO's FM/SSB satellite's I would like to 
share some thoughts on the HEO satellite's and hope those of you who do 
operate the LEO's and never been on a HEO satellite will see what you have 
been missing out on, and give some real thought into getting ready for P3E 
and start donating towards EAGLE.

1. operating the HEO satellite's do not require you to have a big station, 
many have operated with no more than using a arrow antenna for the 70cm up 
link and for the down link 2.4 Ghz using no more than a 2x3ft grid dish 

2. operating times. 6-15 minutes for the LEO's and several hours for the HEO 
satellite's. in the short life of AO-40 2 1/2 years I worked 568 contacts 
and they all lasted more than the short 6-15minutes you get operating on the 
LEO's also had 38 DX contacts and I am not even a DX chaser. even had a few 
contacts that lasted over an hour long.

3. if you are a paper chaser, VUCC/WAS/DXCC what better way than using a HEO 
satellite to get it.

4. HEO satellite's are great for field day operations, sure beats getting 
squashed tring to work the FM sats on field day for that one contact.

5. AO-40 also had a satellite net, 40+20 net which was alot of fun thanks 
Dave WB6LLO, hope P3E will support a net like that. The AO-40 QSO party was 
a blast to.

6. you like to try different modes, psk31, hell, ritty, sstv was just some 
of the modes tried on AO-40, and you could do this on any pass of any day 
you wanted to you did not have to wait for no experimenter's wednesday.

I hope others will share their thought and memory's of AO-40/AO-13/AO-10 so 
we can help start the drive for raising money for EAGLE and get others 
geared up for P3E.

73 Greg N0ZHE
once you have worked a HEO satellite you'll be hooked for life.
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