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Re: In-Kind Services

On 24 Mar 2005 at 16:11, Al Zoller wrote:

the little boy that cried "wolf" constantly. After a short 
> time, no
> one paid any attention to him and he was laughed at even when the 
wolf did
> finally appear.

Exactly but the wolf who will be laughed got a name and no first 
name!  and with the actual membership demise it will not be a 
question of appearance but disappearance if membership cannot get 
what they are paying for lets called it "satellites"  not special 
accounting procedures.

The problem is very well documented and Kevin WA6FWF confirm it "send 
your comments to the BOD,they are the only ones that can answer your 

Eric H. Christensen wrote about BOD "  They may not be monitoring 
this listserv!"

Did anyone gets the exact membership evolution on the past 10 years? 
Hoe many AMSAT members in 2002? 2003? 2004?

Kevin also wrote "All your doing now is hurting your cause if you 
even have one..." Unbeleivable i asked one simple question from the 
beginning here it is again:

"Remain only one simple question what is the deficit or the gain from 
the AMSAT revenue expenses sheet for 2003? I will do the reverse 
maths by myself?"

I challenge anyone to show me on the 2003 AMSAT financial statement 
where the operating loss or gain is written (the exact number) if you 
want an end to this thread SHOW ME WHERE IT IS WRITTEN or shut it 
tight. All we got its great accounting principles (accountants 
excuses) WASH accounting transactions! but where are the right 
figures? hidden?, buried?, vanished in thin air?

My cause is clarity
My cause is honesty
My cause is transparency
My cause is freedom of speech

As you see the fifth element is missing but Freeman give us a clue

 "Luc's rants only make sense if you figure he is trying to stir up 
descent among the membership and hoping for a revolt"

Membership rarely revolt they leave! Membership demonstrate more 
common sense and they are very smart and wise people not a bunch of 
dummies as you qualified them Freeman. Shame on you!

For the above service janitors i asked a question if you don't want 
to look like even more stupid answer it? but say it fast intelligence 
seems to be a scarce resources.

The fifth element is RESPECT don't expect to received it when you 
don't give it.

I prefer to hear you cried "wolf" instead of "help" -Freeman, N5FPP

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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