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Re: In-Kind Services

> that grown-ups in positions of responsibility 
> prepare official and acceptable financial statements as required by 
the law and good accounting practices.

Did you mean before 2003 all the AMSAT financial statements are not 
reliable?  They where even audited? and they where also  "acceptable 
financial statements as required by the law and good accounting 
practices." Your " in positions" of the past are our actual "grown-
ups in positions" If i follow your reasoning blind trust is 
irrelevant here or you are contradiction yourself!

> A financial statement is what it is, and is prepared by specific 
> and rules ....

The same rules exist before 2003 as the formulas! another 
contradiction here!
> You are supposed to be an area coordinator for goodness sake. If 
you have 
> problems with basic philosophy/operations, wouldn't it be best to 
take it 
> up with the organization off-line, or else resign your position 
> posting all of this stuff ?

I asked questions! and i'm commenting on what i get and i can only 
guess on the rest.

> It really is getting old .... do you mean...(turning the Luc-filter 
back on) another contradiction here again!  I'm not too sure if you 
know what you speak about when you say  " grown-ups in positions of 
responsibility "

If your filter is keeping you out your own contradiction i agree with 
you keep it on.

Please don't take the BB to tell the crowd you don't want to here 
this one or this one. Do you call your newspaper if you thrash the 
sport section to let them know you don't read it? no because you will 
look stupid. That's exactly what you do here! but here you are a 

Just to remind you it will more advisable to continue off this list 
we are both "grown ups" and i'm sure nobody will complaining

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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