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AW: QRM report over Europe with AO-51 in QRP mode

Hi Ib, Hi all,

First let me say great job you've done Ib !

Today I was able to listen to the second half of the 0948z pass over Vienna
in mode S(I'm only able to view a quarter of the whole sky from my balcony).
I tried on the 145,92 with 67 Hz with RF power of 30 Watts into a vertical
antenna but was not able to get into the bird, although most of the pass the
squelch of the bird was closed. So there seem to be so much qrm, that I was
not able to work the bird with 30 Watts. I recorded the pass and putted the
file on my web page: http://www.qth.at/oe1dmb/AO51_24March_0948z.mp3
But be carefully its about 800k in size and there is not much to hear
because I haven't noticed any qso, only "Hooooola Hoooola". Sorry for the
bad quality but I only used a log peridodic antenna for 800-2500 MHz linear
polarized and did no tracking.

Years ago I worked with this setup AO-27 and UO-14 several times. Next time
I will try a better uplink antenna.

73s de Andy, oe1dmb from Vienna
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