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Re: I: QRM report over Europe with AO-51 in QRP mode

I'm definitely agree with you.
I was trying to work AO51 with an handheld (Yaesu VX7), 70cm sig was
51/53 with my own original vertical antenna.
Someone (I don't want to say the callsign) just not completed the qso
but used the sat for asking the weather and the name (asked twice) of
the operator.

It's easy to suppose some stations were not qrp.


> AOS 2000 UTC. Pass South to North to the East of me. Max. elevation 86
> degrees.
> In the start of the window a bit of QRM from the Gulf area - slight blocking
> from that. Later the largest problem was that a lot of people do not run
> QRP. May be they never heard about it.
> AOS 2140 UTC. Pass South to North to the West of me. Max. elevation 19
> degrees.
> No QRM. The only problem is that high power stations are working even if it
> is QRP day.
> 73 OZ1MY
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