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DL62/72 xe2at

Dear friends the life is plenty of surprises !!!
Today Bill was supose to be on DL72 , in Rosario about 60 kms south from 
Mazatlan on SO50 , and he was on the 2200 UTC pass, great signal.
Several of us made QSO with Bill from this supose grid and he sent me an 
email with a beautiful picture of his GPS showing he was at exactly meridian 
106.0000 and the latitud at 22.999 !!!
WOWWW great surprise to all that completed te QSO with him, he drove for a 
rural road until this position ...and he was on DL62-72 intersection.
We need more people like Bill KC0TGY in satellite working from a super rare 
grids in other country with other idiom just with the real spirit that all 
we need WORK SATELLITE !!!
The BB is plenty of letters, why dont try to do something better like Bill ?
Congratulations Bill all we need new blood like yours.
73 de Al

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