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Re: Re: Communicating

On Thursday 24 March 2005 01:29, James R. Duffey wrote:
> The 290 and 790 arevery popular in England, so they are cheap on the used
> market there. They are not nearly so popular here, hence they are more
> expensive.
> But comparable values are available here.
> I recently purchased an old 70 cm FT680 for $150 and had previously
> purchased a Kenwood TS9130 for 2 M for $200. I have seen Icom 290s going
> for the same or lower price. An IC-251A recently was advertised on the VHF
> reflector for $225.
> You need to keep your eyes open and let it be known what you are looking
> for. Values are out there. You just have to look, look, look, and be
> patient. - Duffey
> --
> James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
> Cedar Crest NM 87008 DM65

Look look look, and be patient.  And then when you find something,
POUNCE on it instantly.  That was the only way I got several of my
Icom IC-x75 rigs.  Not hesitating an instant meant that my emails
got to the seller, sometimes *seconds* before others.  Kinda nerve
racking, but the way to get goodies.

Deals do show up.  Prices on rigs vary by as much as a factor of two.
As an example I just saw an IC-275H all mode 2M rig for for $625.   I
got mine at Dayton last year for $450, in immaculate shape.

--STeve Andre'
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