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Re: in-kind services

On 23 Mar 2005 at 15:29, Eric H. Christensen wrote:

> Luc,
> As it has been pointed out in the past, the BB is NOT the place to
> pose these questions.

I respect your right to express your opinions and ideas please do the 
same. Otherwise enroll yourself with CNN if you want to control what 
should be said or not.

>   If you have a question for the BOD or a member of the BOD, please 
send the message directly to them.

That's the next step as i wrote "Still awaiting answers?  Should i 
ask directly naming BOD people?" Rest assured it will be also CC to 
the list like it or not.

>  They may not be monitoring this listserv!

They should!

> I really wish you would clean up your attitude instead of giving 
> non-members that are subscribed to this list a false sense of what
> AMSAT is all about.

Where nobody from BOD as you said  "may not be monitoring this 
listserv!"  ignore an open and legitimate question on purpose or not 
i don't know who is giving " a false sense of what AMSAT is all 

> The BB is for the discussion and advancement of satellite
> communications and should be used to discuss equipment, satellites,
> etc, and not gripes about AMSAT. 

There is no gripes here only questions asked! I personally don't feel 
too disturb discussing how BOD is conducting day to day business
and how they manage our donations. It's still a major factor "money" 
the war nerve they said!  and money is needed to build and launch 
satellites and money contribute to as you wrote "the advancement of 
satellite communications" as much as equipment are.

Why one should be discuss ant not the other one? There is numerous 
threads on AMSAT-BB telling the crowd that AO-51 was a mistake an HEO 
should have  

>Those should be addressed to the president or a member of the BOD 
>for resolution.

This one is interesting. Normally resolution from membership should 
be addressed "live" in person at each annual general meeting. AMSAT 
as an international organization makes nearly impossible for all the 
membership to attend due to distance and travel costs.

Probably when questions will be answered there will be no need for 
any resolution! and this wil only ease the whole process. I still 
hope the way AMSAT is operating is not stopping anyone to ask 
questions? Even on his own BB.

> If you go to http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/AboutAmsat/officers.php
> then you will see who is on the BOD and their e-mail addresses.

They are all in my address book.

Happy easter to all

> "-"
Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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