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RE: Re: Communicating

> Nice article, with many good pointers.  Did you actually have 
> to shoot 
> someone to get those radios at those prices or did you just 
> show them the 
> gun? ;-)  790s go for $350 to $400 on this side of the pond 
> and 290s are 
> generally around $300.

Yes, the exciters (SSB) are often the killer, but now that I am free of the
landlord problems, and once I get a bit of spare cash, I think I'll shoot
for setting up a HEO satellite station.  Won't be anything fancy, and manual
AZ/EL control (unless someone else wants it to test their home brew tracking
system, which is a real possibility :) ).  Budget will be the key here...
Now to keep my eyes open for some bargain VHF/UHF SSB gear. :-) 

The higher bands can be cheap to get onto for Rx.  I've got at least 3 2.4
GHz downconverters sitting in my junkbox, waiting to be used. :-)

Now's just not the time, but hopefully I'll be able to work one of the up
and coming birds.

Even here in the more populated parts of VK, it's hard to get too many
places.  ZL, P29 and the occasional 3D2 is about as interesting as it gets
on the FM birds (not that they're not fun, I had a ball on SO-35, UO-14,
SO-50 and AO-51).  One problem is finding Pacific stations with 70cm gear...
The guys in VK6 have even less to choose from, ZL is stretching the limits
for a LEO from Perth.
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