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Re: Re: Communicating

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 06:44:29AM -0900, Edward R. Cole wrote:
> Diane,
> Thanks for the link.  I don't recall seeing it before.  This fall, I will be

You are welcome.

> Included in that presentation I plan to list some of the pieces of equipment
> that one needs for working HEO's, so this paper falls right into that

I worked AO-40 with a dish sitting on a kitchen chair sitting in the driveway.
I really wish I had a photo of that. (That was my first and only contact
on AO-40.) But an interesting point about HEOs is tracking is much much
easier. One could get away with using a tripod as Howard and others have done,
as the satellite appears to "sit" in one place for quite a while, it is
quite easy to do.

> Tim's plaintive is often heard from those who look at HEO's as "impossibly"
> expensive or complicated.  My goal will to break down that false impression.

I found AO-40 much easier to use than FO-29 and AO-7. Peak signal,
work stations for at least 15-20 minutes, re-peak signal. Compared to a
near overhead pass of FO-29 (Or any LEO) it is considerably easier.

- Diane, VA3DB
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