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Re: Re: Communicating


Thanks for the link.  I don't recall seeing it before.  This fall, I will be
making a presentation on the new HEO's, P3E and Eagle, to an area group that
call themselves the Leo Society.  It was informally founded to bring together
satellite enthusiasts to share experiences and learn from experts; with
emphasis to introducing satellite's to newcomers.  It has long since expanded
beyond that original concept to include a wide range of techinical topics of
interest to hams.

Included in that presentation I plan to list some of the pieces of equipment
that one needs for working HEO's, so this paper falls right into that
Tim's plaintive is often heard from those who look at HEO's as "impossibly"
expensive or complicated.  My goal will to break down that false impression. 
Of course, one can spend lots of money in ham radio, but that is not
limited to
just the satellite facet of our hobby (I'm involved in eme - Moon bounce and
that "does" take a few "bucks").

I think one issue that worries many hams about getting into HEO's is that
investment will not payback very many "dividends" if the satellite fails to
operate up to its "promise".  I can commiserate with them on that, but this is
rocket science so things can go wrong (unfortunately).

Now this thread about LEOs vs HEOs has about worn itself out to my thinking. 
All perspectives have been represented.  What all of us HEO "folks" need to
realize is P3E's launch is "expected" in the first quarter of 2006....that is
less than a year from now.  I sure can remember waiting years for P3D
(AO-40)...as many on here can relate.  Now is the time for HEO folks to start
preparing their stations for the new bird...and contributing funds to help it
get launched (whatever you can afford).  Those are the positive things we can
do for now.  Bashing Amsat Leadership, isn't.  Helpful suggestions are.

Sorry for the "soap box" folks,
Thinking of spring and working on antennas :-)

73's Ed - AL7EB
BTW the Leo Society is holding a luncheon meeting April 9 near Anchorage,
AK to
present the latest knowledge on AO-51 and other LEO's and MEO's: 

At 08:05 AM 3/23/2005 -0500, Diane Bruce wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 06:53:25AM -0500, Timothy A. Holmes (W8TAH) wrote:
>> In RE:  HEO vs LEO
>> that I have no chance of being involved in satellites because a proper
>> HEO station will end up costing me several thousand dollars which I just
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