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in-kind services

Hi and THANK YOU to those who have, in fact, donated "in-kind" services to AMSAT whether or not they have been officially catalogued or recognized.

It is a pleasure to be affiliated with a group that, quibbles or not, has a common interest in advancing the state of the art of Amateur Radio; promoting the hobby; and giving us something more interesting and intellectually challenging than many other hobbies afford.

Having "donated" efforts to help others start various companies and having provided "free consulting" (e.g. portions of Corporate IT Strategy, Data Center security plans, etc. - using experiences from paying Fortune 500 clients), I certainly believe that donating efforts does not diminish their value.  Just because one does not receive tangible payment for their professional (or educated hobby)services they opted to provide at no cost does not reduce it's value.

Kind regards & 73,


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