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Re: Communicating

In RE:  HEO vs LEO

Prehaps a different perspective would be in order:

I came in to amateur radio shortly before the launch of AO40,  one of 
the exaulted HEO satellites.  Upon investigation, it became very obvious 
that I have no chance of being involved in satellites because a proper 
HEO station will end up costing me several thousand dollars which I just 
dont have, however I had many fun hours listening to UO14 on my VX5R 
with an outside verical.  To be honest as represented here on this bbs, 
the HEO crowd is not so much about getting people into satellites, but 
about getting their exclusive piece of property that no one else can get 
to so they can control it the way they want.  For myself, I would rather 
put the money into some LEOs that I have a chance of using instead of 
some gollywog satellite that requires microwave uplinks and downlinks 
and does the average amateur absolutly no good whatsoever. 

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