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how the numbers stack up here.

Back in the days of AO-10 and AO-13 pre AO-40 here in EM17 in a 50 mile
radius there was at least 15 satellite operators 4 of the 15 worked just the
FM leo's. 11 of the 15 had the rigs and antennas to work the HEO satellite's
and 8 of those 11 did. now that AO-13, AO-10 are no longer here and AO-40
never made it with Mode-B today there is only 2 active satellite operator in
that same 50 mile radius. We ran a AMSAT satellite net for over 10 years and
finally had to give it up because there was no more interest in the hobby
with out the big birds in orbit.With the launch of echo there has not been
any new satellite operator or any new interest in this satellite locally.

Number one answer to why the numers have dropped, simple there are no HEO
satellite's in orbit and the satellite operators got board with the LEO's.
When P3E goes up I hope those who went dormant come back.

When the call came do we build echo before eagle the question should have
been, do we believe AO-40 will really last till we have a chance to build
and launch the next HEO satellite. with the fuel leaking did they think it
was not going to eat thru critical parts of the satellite.

The LEO satellite's out number the HEO satellite's big time even back when
AO-10 and AO-13 where still alive, yes the LEO's don't cost as much to build
and launch or take as long to build. But if you loose more satellite
operator than you gain when you don't have a HEO satellite in orbit then
where do you stand.

Now the horse has been beat to death and made to glue and the milk has been
wiped up. we should be looking forward to the construction of eagle and
raising money to do that. BUT with out seeing any kind of updates on the
AMSAT web site under project eagle one must assume there is no active work
being done. now I no that aint true there has to be work going on behind
those closed doors, we just want a peek at it so we feel like we are really
donating money to a real satellite project just not paper models and

I for one would like to see eagle fly, but it will take all of us to make it
happen, it will also take the leadership of AMSAT to start talking it up
here on the AMSAT-BB and in the ANS reports on a regular basis, and maybe a
reminder from other AMSAT members to remind others to donate to project

well I'll but my bat back in the looker, and put the milk in the fridge.
73 Greg N0ZHE
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